Empowering Global Connections: Continental Language Center at the Forefront of Language Education Excellence


In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate across borders and cultures has never been more crucial. Join us on this journey to discover how Continental Language Center is actively contributing to shape the next generation of global citizens.

Continental Language Center serves as the language education division of Continental Educational Corporation, specializing in nationwide language instruction. For nearly two decades, we have been facilitating global connections through the immersive study of English, Portuguese, and Italian.


Our Commitment

Our dedication lies in delivering top-tier services, staffed by professionals updated in the latest trends of teaching methodologies and educational technology. Based on a curriculum focused on the achievement of competencies, our academic framework aligns seamlessly with the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference. 

Catering to diverse audiences—including primary and secondary school students, university scholars, and seasoned professionals—we offer programs tailored to meet their unique needs. Our curriculum is delivered through four dynamic learning modalities: Face-to-face (in-person), Flipped learning (remote instruction), Virtual learning (online), and Blended learning (a blend of online and in-person sessions).


Excellence in Language Education

Our relentless pursuit of excellence has translated into recognition from prestigious institutions such as the University of Cambridge (Cambridge Assessment), granting us authorization to administer their renowned international examinations. The hallmark of these Cambridge certifications lies in their perpetual validation of students’ English proficiency, acknowledged worldwide by leading educational entities.

Global Engagement

As a proud member of Global Partners in Education—an initiative fostered by East Carolina University, endorsed by UNESCO—we are part of a global network comprising over 61 distinguished universities in 31 countries. This collaborative program fosters cross-cultural exchange through immersive virtual connections among students from diverse academic backgrounds.


Our commitment to providing unparalleled education remains relentless as we continually innovate and progress in language pedagogy. With a focus on equipping our students for international success, we remain firm in our belief that education serves as the keystone for creating positive impact in the world and proudly elevating Peru’s international prestige.

With us you can learn English and other languages. For more information:

  • Campus Arequipa languagesucaqp@continental.edu.pe
  • Campus Cusco languagesuccusco@continental.edu.pe
  • Campus Lima languagesuclima@continental.edu.pe
  • Huancayo Campus centroidiomasuc@continental.edu.pe
Paola Toro

Continental Language Center Director

Educación que transforma

Dominar un idioma extranjero contribuye a la movilidad internacional laboral y académica, permite acceder a mayor información y consolidarte como un profesional completo. Estudia en el Centro de Idiomas de la Universidad Continental y destaca en el mercado laboral.

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